The architectural firm A D Lab Pte Ltd was set up by Warren Liu Yaw Lin and Darlene Smyth. The design firm is centred on creating new or emergent experiences by addressing the specific site, economics and programme of each individual project.
In all of the work by A D Lab, there is an intensive search for a convergence to a simple and elegant solution that evokes a sense of complexity and at the same time solves all the issues and concerns of the design in an economical and poetic manner. This solution synthesizes parallel design objectives of the context, the cost, the programme and environmental concerns while giving the buildings their identities and expressions.
Some of the particular issues within the projects are the adaptability of space, the prolonging of the occupancy life span of buildings, the integration of systems and the relation of the spaces with the environment.

Main projects:
2 Andrew Road – Bungalow, Singapore, 2013
2 Holland Grove Terrace – 2 units of Semi-detached House, Singapore, 2013
57 Shelford – 4 units of Terrace Housing, Singapore, 2012
67 Jalan Binchang – Semi-detached House, Singapore, 2012
Moonbeam View – Semi-detached House, Singapore, 2009
25 Namly Drive – Semi-detached House, Singapore, 2013
113A Branksome Road – Bungalow, Singapore, 2011
Lorong Kemunchup – Semi-detached House, Singapore, 2009
Margoliouth Road – Bungalow, Singapore, 2008
Lorong M Telok Kurau – Semi-detached House, Singapore, 2011