The Speeches will be given by 42 international studios selected by the Jury and each will be required to report about a specific project considered particularly interesting (Flagship Project) and with which each will participate in the Awards.

At the conclusion of three days of intensive speeches and one-to-one meetings, the ARCHMARATHON AWARDS will be held the ceremony of the best projects presented during the three days of activities, broken down by categories, selected and awarded by a prestigious international jury.

The Studios selected by the Jury and by the Organisation will participate with a project completed in the 2012-2014 period and the winners will be awarded at the end of the last day.
There will be ten prizes. They will be awarded for the following categories:
1. Arts (museums, galleries, libraries, religious buildings, community spaces)
2. Education
3. Sports
4. Workspaces
5. Urban design/regeneration
6. Private housing
7. Mixed tenure housing
8. Transport
9. Retrofitting and refurbishment

The winning projects, and not only these, can count on being published in prestigious international industry magazines and in the important press office activity for the event.