BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors (BHA), founded in 1999 by Mr. Barrie Ho MH, is a Registered Practice in the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and in the Association of Architectural Practices (AAP List), as well as in the Band 3 Architectural Consultant List (HKIA List)(AAP List) of the HKSAR Architectural Services Department, and an Institutional Member of the Hong Kong Green Building Council.
Empowered by the unique design philosophy of “Unification of Diversification”, BHA collects over the past 15 years a wide spectrum & variety of projects, spanning from Institutional & Community Architecture, Conservation and Restoration of Historical Architecture, Metropolitan Planning, Corporate Architecture, Hospitality Architecture, Shopping Mall, Residential Architecture, and Urban Landscape.

Main projects:
Museum for Contemporary Living @ Huizhou, PRC 2014
Hong Kong Federation of Women T.S. Kwok Service Centre @ Hong Kong 2013
Skynet for Logo Square @ Hong Kong 2013
City Art Square@ Hong Kong 2008
Communal Park for Institute of Vocational Education Shatin @ Hong Kong 2012
Headquarters of HKCAAVQ and ERB@ Hong Kong 2013
The Mercer, Boutique Hotel @ Hong Kong 2012
Cantonyama@ Hong Kong 2012
Home Square @ Hong Kong 2012
iCube @ Zhuhai, PRC 2012