Bernard Khoury/DW5


DW5 is a Design production facility for developers, architects, planners and designers providing the necessary resources to support the successful development of design projects.
The workshop is an open platform for a growing number of collaborators. The company is based in Beirut, Lebanon and has developed an international reputation among professionals by successfully assisting designers and architects on various high profile missions locally and abroad.
Our teams engage in assisting the production of various scale projects, from early planning phase to construction supervision.
The main drive of the practice is design excellence and precision, achieved through close collaboration with clients, designers and specialists – from structural and environmental engineers to cost consultants.

Main projects:
B018, Beirut, Lebanon, 1998
Centrale, Beirut, Lebanon, 2001
Yabani R2, Beirut, Lebanon, 2002
BLC Bank, Chtaura, Lebanon, 2004
IB3 Building, Beirut, Lebanon, 2006
Plot # 893, Beirut, Lebanon, 2008
Plot # 183, Beirut, Lebanon, 2009
Plot # 7950, Faqra, Lebanon, 2010
Plot # 4328, Kferdebian, Lebanon, 2010
Plot # 4371, Beirut, Lebanon, 2014