Budri, Italian Artistic Inlay Atelier
Leaders in Italian Artistic Inlay sector, Budri has 50 years of experience in working fine marbles and semi-precious stones.
Over the years the company has acquired in-depth expertise based on the skilful combination of consummate craftsmanship, excellent production capacity and cutting-edge technology, staying true to the finest traditions whilst innovating constantly in an elegant union of Italian style, taste and culture.
As well as its exceptional technical expertise and painstaking eye for detail, the systematic organisation of the work, the speed of execution and the laying potential demonstrated by Budri in complex large-scale projects, together with its inspiration and notable interpretation skills, have contributed to establishing its strong reputation as an “engraver” of stone and its leading role in the world of inlay sector. From the imposing Mosque of Abu Dhabi to partnerships with luxury high fashion and jewellery brands, for Budri every project is a chance to create a unique and valuable work of art.
Budri has always worked with architects and designers, supporting them in their luxury building projects as an expert partner in all development phases and at the high-quality production stage.
All production takes place in Italy and concludes with final testing and inspection; in this phase, the entire inlaid design is prelaid in the factory to examine it in every tiniest detail.
Budri’s major international projects are of two main stylistic types: the more classical approach, intended to rediscover the heritage left by the inlayers and mosaic craftsmen of the past, and a more contemporary approach that has generated important style and design innovations and an eclectic creativity inspired by international designers and architects. Budri Artistic Inlay makes a significant contribution to Italian art and culture, beauty and craftsmanship, revealing all the true splendour of marble by underlining not only its marvellous variety of colours but above all the nobility of this material, a part of Italian history.

via di Mezzo 65
41037 Mirandola (MO) – Italy