Design, numbers and sustainable innovation
Quality, innovation, advanced technology and respect for the environment.
These are the values that have made Ceramica Sant’Agostino a leading company in the ceramic sector, with 50 years of history yet decisively projected into the future.
The company’s activities began in 1964 in Ferrara, in an industrial district that wasn’t known for ceramics – a choice that was against the norm but proved a winning decision and allowed the company to develop a strong design independence over the years and an original, innovative vision in terms of product research.
Today, Ceramica Sant’Agostino is an extremely versatile company with a production system that is able to meet the most varied demands of contemporary design, with an unmistakable style and surprising figures. Appreciated worldwide, the company exports to over 100 countries.
The distinctive characteristics of all Ceramica Sant’Agostino products are the surprising aesthetic qualities, high design content and excellent technical performance. These qualities are the fruit of consistent and strategic company choices invested in the pursuit of total quality that embraces the entire production system. This is combined with the use of extremely advanced technology, at the cutting-edge of the Italian and international panorama, used in the constant search for expressive interpretations of ceramic material. Research tools and laboratories, modern pressing and glazing systems, laser engraving machines, the innovative Digital Technology system, automated sorting systems and fully automated quality control are used for production of very high technical and quality standards with a strong focus on environmental issues.
Ecoquality is a complex action programme that Ceramica Sant’Agostino has developed to coordinate all the work that the company has put into creating products that comply with the most rigid European and International standards implemented to protect the environment, persons and consumers. This is a continually developing process that encompasses the entire organisation of the company. It involves strict quality checks of raw materials and finished products using safe and effective purification techniques. It also includes the optimisation of consumption in production processes to recover waste material and the creation of fully compensated CO2 emissions products. The process is objectively measured – and measurable – with the countless certifications that the company has obtained over the years.
Because, for Ceramica Sant’Agostino, being a cutting-edge company means taking on an obligatory and active role and responsibility in building a better future.

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