From 14th-16th November, Studio 90, of the Milan-based East End Studios will host ARCHMARATHON, the first international architectural event gathering 42 international practices who will compete for a prestigious award recognizing their unique talent.

ARCHMARATHON is an international event bringing to life an unprecedented concept: an interaction platform with a variety of global players active in the field of architecture and building. Promoted with a view to fostering the international exchange of ideas, know-how and relations, the event is also designed to stimulate new, profitable business opportunities against a top-notch cultural background.

On 14th, 15th and 16th November 2014 the fascinating Studio 90, part of the long-established, Milan-based East End Studios, will be the context for a selection of projects achieved over the past two years by 42 architectural practices from all over the world participating in the prestigious ARCHMARATHON AWARDS, representing some of the most significant architectural projects across the international architectural scene. These contenders have been shortlisted by an international jury consisting of six foremost professionals from the world of architecture co-chaired by Lucy Bullivant, renowned author, curator and architecture critic from London and Luca Molinari, professor and curator of international architecture shows. They will be on view at Studio 90 from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm each day of ARCHMARATHON. The jury will choose the award-winning project prior to the award ceremony to be held on the night of 16th November.

Presented in this unique way, by gathering three different events in one, and in its intensive promotion of the outstanding profiles of the internationally acclaimed architectural practices selected from 22 different countries, ARCHMARATHON stands out as an extraordinary event, focusing on:
Education: the presence of 42 practices presenting internationally acclaimed projects will provide an outstanding opportunity for visitors to update their professional knowledge and connections. ARCHMARATHON will be an unprecedented occasion at which local and international information and ideas will be pooled during a truly cosmopolitan event.
award: the projects presented will be contenders in an award-winning competition that will be given extensive, worldwide press coverage also based on the media partnership of a wide selection of online and offline magazines. In addition to this, the prestigious ArchMarathon Reference Book will be available, a publication presenting all the projects selected to compete for the award. Produced in English and totalling nearly 300 pages, the book will be provided free of charge to the competing practices, the business partners and the press. It will be sold at a special price throughout the event and will also be available at all the main trade bookshops worldwide. The book will also be released in form of an e-book and sold via the web platform of ARCHMARATHON and through Amazon.
B2B: offering a crucial appointment to the business partners (30 in total), the architecture practices invited and the visitors (over 800 professionals from throughout Italy are expected to attend the event). The central hub will be lined by some 30 glamorously laid out interaction booths, each of them hosting a business partner where some exhibits will be displayed and important interaction moments can be experienced. This will provide one-of-a-kind business-networking opportunities that will facilitate the exchange of personal connections, knowledge and inspiration both nationally and worldwide.

With a view to adding comprehensiveness to an inherently exhaustive event, ARCHMARATHON will also sponsor a Charity project. All of the visitors will be asked to make an optional donation of 10 EUR to be fully donated to City of Hope Foundation, an organization that has long been committed to research, targeting children affected with cancer.
The donation will be given to the Chairman of the Foundation at the ARCHMARATHON’s award ceremony scheduled to take place on the last day of the event.

All the ancillary services complementing ARCHMARATHON have been conceived of in order to stage a truly comprehensive, friendly, easily accessible event. In this regard a temporary restaurant offering “social” prices will be available for all the participants. Opening hours of the Restaurant and the Coffee Shop will be from 9.30am to 8.00pm.

ARCHMARATHON will be easily reached thanks to a completely free shuttle bus service running throughout the three-day event, during rush-hours, starting from Cadorna and Central Station to Studio 90 and back.

An incubator of design excellence, rich in outstanding cultural initiatives and international business opportunities, ARCHMARATHON is bound to attract a multitude of people from the Italian and foreign Society of Architects, Chief Education Institutions (Politecnico, IED, Naba, etc.) and trade associations (INARCH, ADI, SBID, etc.).