Équipe is an Amsterdam (NL) based office founded in 2003 by Huib van Zeijl (1973) and Daniëlle Segers (1972). The field of work ranges from interiors, architecture and urban design, to landscaping.

 As the pivot in varied projects Équipe developed special skills in analyzing and designing complex situations, in sustainability and in interdisciplinary collaborations both in building- and urban-design projects. Parallel to the design there is an important focus on process.
An open communication is a premise for successful and integrated, let alone innovative design.“We like to work through all scales and with a researching attitude. From the point of view that the building detail should emphasize the architectural concept and with our believe in making achievable, environment friendly designs we prefer to work in close cooperation with the builder and craft disciplines. Always in close dialogue with the client and looking for that apparently easy and self-evident solution, new possibilities and beauty”.

Main projects:
Virtual renovation of a commercial building in Moscow [Russia], 2013
“In Holland staat een Huis”; Dutch private house in Kadoelen, Amsterdam [NL], 2012
Case study for the ‘public interior’ of the subway station and surroundings at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam [NL], 2010
ARCAM exposition for 100th anniversary Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam [NL], 2008
Prototype for an industrial carwash pavilion, Wormerveer [NL], 2007
Kirkman Company office; re-use of old heritage building in Baarn [NL], 2007
“Double Dutch”; family dwellings on the new island of IJburg, Amsterdam [NL], 2004
“Villa Vlietberg”; energy neutral Case Study House in the river forelands of Nijmegen [NL], in progress
Plan master the Elisabeth Hospital area in Tilburg [NL], in progress
Landscape structure plan for the new event area of Breda [NL], in progress
Multifunctional industrial building in Berkel-Enschot [NL], in progress