Estel’s business can be identified as a merging between the domestic world and the professional efficiency typical of an office. This is Estel’s DNA: research that does not completely limit a piece of furniture to a single intended use, but opens up to transversality and naturalness as central principles for contemporary furnishings.
During the Nineteen-Thirties Estel, taking its name from Estensibile Stella (literally: Extendible Star), was founded by Alfredo Stella. The Company interpreted the best definition of wardrobes and containers for the new home interiors of Italian families. These were unparalleled years for patents and memorable commercial successes, such as the Estensible Stella Wardrobe with sliding doors. The ‘70s saw the birth of Project Office which gave Estel the leadership in the Italian market, together with the Contract Division which was added in the Nineties.
During the course of its nearly 90-year history Estel has invested in an area where it has been difficult to find a reality able to interpret with competent and accurate service, the warmth and uniqueness of a home as well as the functionality necessary for major Contract projects. In this “broad” sense we find projects with timeless design which could be defined as modern classics.
In Estel’s production departments we experiment with forms, refine solutions, and seek both the most advanced and the most antique materials. Past and present dialogue without ceasing, between the passion and the attention to the details given by each figure involved: both from Management, in the person of Alberto Stella, to the designers, the marketing department, and the artisans in the production area.
Estel projects bear the signatures of some of the biggest names in the history of international design, from Carlo Scarpa, to Oscar Niemeyer, to Enzo Mari, Kazuhide Takahama, Jorge Pensi, Umberto Riva, Ross Lovegrove, Philippe Norguet, Toshiyuky Kita, and Sebastian Bergne, just to name a few.

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