Global Architectural Development is an award winning company, based in Istanbul and New York that has been performing architectural practice, research and concept design since 1985. The firm is owned by Gokhan Avcioglu and is in partnership with GAD’s global collaborators.
GAD’s belief is that contemporary and current architecture & urbanism are influenced by software, consumer habits and behaviors and approaching to the projects holistically. These are among its field of interest. GAD understands architecture as a practice that relies on experimentation, values historical precedents and finds new ways to combine both in a mutually benefiting fashion.
GAD Architecture is committed to finding innovative approaches to architecture and creating new spatial experiences with projects and ideas.

Main projects:
Trump Cadde
Besiktas Fish Market
Esma Sultan
Borusan Musc And Art House
Eskisehir Spa And Thermal Hotel
Kuum Hotel&Residences
Exploded House
Kadikoy Public Facilities