IBA HAMBURG_archmarathon

Shaping the future of the city in the 21st century… This is a challenge that has been taken up by the IBA Hamburg International Building Exhibition, with projects that make an innovative and sustainable contribution to current issues of urban development.
The IBA project occupies an area of 35 square kilometres on Hamburg’s Elbe islands of Wilhelmsburg and Veddel and in the Harburg Upriver Port. This is an area inhabited by 55,000 people of more than 100 different nationalities.
The IBA Hamburg is a model of sustainable and future-oriented inner city development. For the task of quality assurance IBA Hamburg has set out seven criteria of excellence which all projects must meet – from innovative quality to versatility to suitability for presentation.

Main projects:
Energy Bunker
Energy Hill
Future Concept “Renewable Wilhelmsburg”
Gateway to the World Educational Centre
Global Neighborhood
World Commercial Park
Wilhelmsburg Central
New Building of the State Ministry for Urban Development and the Environment
New Routes around the Spreehafen