ifau und Jesko Fezer | HEIDE & VON BECKERATH


ifau und Jesko Fezer is a Berlin-based group of architects focusing on interrelated, interdisciplinary projects in the field of architecture and urban design. Their flexible methodology extends to research projects and installations in the urban realm and all of their projects aim to involve and inscribe contextual processes, differences and diversity, creating space for negotiation in design. They are especially interested in process-oriented strategies and participative design methods.
ifau (Institute for applied Urbanism: Susanne Heiß, Christoph Heinemann, Christoph Schmidt) and Jesko Fezer realised numerous projects for arts institutions such as Palais Thinnfeld in Graz, Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory in Utrecht, The Showroom in London, Artists Space and the Goethe Institute – Wyoming Building in New York.
HEIDE & VON BECKERATH is a Berlin-based architecture studio. Tim Heide and Verena von Beckerath are concerned with space as a challenge for projects in different fields and scales which leads to ongoing research involving architecture and society, sustainability and technology. Their holistic approach covers urban design strategies, architecture and conceptual studies. In treating each project as a whole comprising its formal, cultural and intellectual dimensions, the studio collaborates with architects, artists and other specialists where appropriate.
Their projects have been widely and internationally exhibited in galleries and art institutions. Their work has been published in distinguished books and magazines and has received prestigious awards. Recent projects are the competition entry for the Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin (with Efrat Kowalsky Architects, Tel Aviv), the artist’s studio and archive for the Michel Majerus Estate, Berlin, and the Flottwell Zwei award-winning joint building venture in Berlin. The studio is working on a research project on affordable and sustainable housing in Lagos, Nigeria, a flexible office building with integrated shared and public spaces and a biomedical lab building, both in Berlin.
Furthermore, work in progress includes a current collaboration between ifau and HEIDE & VON BECKERATH on an innovative joint building venture which offers integrated apartments, artists’ studios, co-operative, communal and commercial spaces adjacent to the former flower market hall in Berlin-Kreuzberg.