Listone Giordano is the high-end wood flooring brand owned by Margaritelli Group, a large multi-business group that operates in different industrial sectors, featuring 650 showroom world wide and boost more than 2 million msq wood floor production per year. A success constructed around the passion for technological innovation that for more than a hundred years hands down to the components of the Margaritelli family.
In fact in the year 1870 Eugenio Margaritelli specializes in the production of mechanical utensils for agriculture and forestry manufacturing.
It is a company designed to be constantly orientated towards perfection, a company that has always favoured research into original solutions and exploration down less beaten tracks. Listone Giordano is synonymous worldwide with excellence in premium hardwood flooring. It is the keeper of antique methods and knowledge. But it is also driven by an indomitable spirit of innovation which has been evident ever since it first went on the market. It combines the innate talent of nature with the ingeniousness of man; it has clothed some of the most beautiful houses in the world with the distinctive look of wood, and at the same time it has played a lead role in ambitious projects springing from the minds of internationally famous designers and engineers.
Listone Giordano collections Classica, Atelier and Natural Genius in which the elegance and value of wood go hand in hand with avant-garde techniques and the latest technologies. Projects which have established Listone Giordano as a leading brand in interior design – a brand with a contemporary style, thanks to the fusion of the company’s wealth of technical knowledge with aesthetics that have won worldwide acclaim in the world of Italian design.
LISTONE GIORDANO is a brand of Margaritelli Group
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