Margraf Industria Marmi Vicentini is a leading Italian company that specializes in quarrying and processing natural stones from all over the world.
For more than a century Margraf has celebrated the universality of marble and of natural stones by a definitely impressive production – in terms of numbers, quality and stylistic variety – striving to attain excellent standards. Love for the trade, workmanship and non-stop commitment to achieve perfection are the long-standing underlying drivers of a highly mechanized manufacturing process boasting cutting-edge technology against the international productive scenario.
Margraf’s products are the outcome of a virtuous, multi-step process against which stone is transformed into a widely differentiated, potentially endless range of products.
From the raw slabs all the way down to the most complex, purpose-built projects, Margraf celebrates the Made in Italy all over the world not only as the expression of an all-personal understanding of company keeping production local but also epitomizes the idea of taste and style striving to bestow timeless flair on the projects undertaken.
Research, experimentation, innovation, state-of-the-art technology alongside sophisticated human skills are boundless at Margraf.
Likewise dedication to work and passion for marble come across as a must: a hard, heavy material the company has masterly softened and lightened while processing still bears the hallmark of age-old simplicity.

Via Marmi 3
36072 Chiampo (Vi)
Tel. +39 0444 4475900