Sandy Attia and Matteo Scagnol partner as MoDus Architects in the year 2000 after having completed their graduate studies at Harvard University. The studio distinguishes itself by its heterogeneous approach to the field of architecture, combining the two different cultural and formative backgrounds into one platform for design ideas. Completed projects range in scale from infrastructure, to buildings, to objects within the buildings, and include public, institutional and private commissions.

Main projects:
Psychiatric Ward, Bolzano, BZ, 2014
Renovation and Addition to an Elementary School, Ora, BZ, 2013
Artist Residence and Atelier, Castelrotto, BZ, 2013
Elementary school and branch library, Bolzano, BZ, 2012
Pre-School, Kindergarten and Family Center, Bolzano, BZ, 2012
Kofler-Neumair House, Bolzano, BZ, 2012
Damiani Holz & Ko Office Building, Bressanone, BZ, 2012
Heads up Highway! Cultivating Energy 2050, Installation for the MAXXI exhibition titled “ENERGY. Oil and Post-oil Architecture and Grids,”Rome, 2012
Farmhouse Estate, Renon, BZ, 2012
Ring-road, Bressanone-Varna, BZ, 2011