OikosGoogleGlassLab at ArchMarathon
The Oikos Lab Experience is continuing its research

Born from the vision of the Italian company, manufacturer of Colour and matter for sustainable architecture, Oikos Lab Experience is the perfect synthesis that combines innovation, technology research and a focus on sustainability.
On mode crowd sourcing, Oikos is creating with the approach of co-designers an app for professional use through Google Glass, using the latest technology of augmented reality, involving architects, designers and planners.
Using a participative approach, #OikosGoggleGlassLab is a mobile project dedicated to “on site experimentation” in which to facilitate the active collaboration among designers, offering indications and suggestions in order to together design the future by means of the first wearable Google device; an experimental laboratory to test and evaluate the potential of this revolutionary instrument, to understand its characteristics and imagine its uses in a professional environment.
The official launch of the project took place during Milan design week, the second phase was realised in London during the Design Festival, the third at Cersaie in Bologna and continues today at ArchMarathon.
A “frictionless” experience, able to revolutionise the very way in which we carry out and interpret design: no longer at a desk hunched over a computer screen or tablet, but in a pleasant and immediate manner with with our vision and hands free.
Oikos Lab Experience will take place at ArchMarathon under appointment in the following days:
Friday 14rd November from 10.00 to 18.00
Saturday 15th November from 10.00 to 18.00
Sunday 16th November from 10.00 to 18.00

Via Cherubini 2
47043 Gatteo Mare (FC) – Italy
Tel.: +39 0547 681412