Since 1984 Oikos has been producing chromatic and textured solutions for vertical, horizontal and three dimensional surfaces Made in Italy.
Thirty years of commitment and conciliation of elements that would seemingly be in contrast with each other: industry and craftsmanship, scientific research and environmental protection, innovation and tradition, restoration of architectural heritage sites and commitment to contemporary architecture, ethics and aesthetics. The approach, that of Oikos being to bring together different requirements and different end goals: domestic use and great architectural works.
For Oikos the simplicity of application is the domestic appearance, of a material also created for use in great architectural works, a material created in an industrial environment but recovering their crafts inspiration when applied by decorators and on meeting designers.
In this way Oikos matter is created bespoke each time required and it is due to this that each time new decorative solutions that highlight the great Italian decorative tradition and that mix together the creativity of the architect and the intuitions that come from the use of residual materials such as mineral or metal powders, allowing the materials to meet the design requirements as well as the functional needs of the project to continually evolve and renew themselves.
This propensity and aptitude for research and development has been the seed for a long history of important collaborations.
Different projects with different needs and for each one Oikos has studied and created a bespoke matter friendly to both humans and the environment.

Via Cherubini 2
47043 Gatteo Mare (FC) – Italy
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