Pozzi-Ginori represents the history of Italian art and design in bathroom ceramics.
Its origins date to 1735, when Marquess Carlo Ginori was one of the first people in Europe to begin manufacturing splendid objects in a precious grade of ceramics they used to call “white gold.” His Doccia Factory northwest of Florence quickly became one of the largest in Europe. Over time, Ginori merged with other ceramic manufacturers that progressively sprang up in Italy: first, there was Giulio Richard, then the Laveno Italian Ceramic Company, and finally Pozzi. Each manufacturer began on its own, then merging with the others, as they established milestones in Italian technology and expertise in the design and creation of bathroom ceramic products.
As the methods and practices of industrial design originated and then asserted themselves, great designers have helped articulate various stages since 1918: Giò Ponti, Guido Andlovitz, the Nizzoli studio, Giovanni Gariboldi, Antonia Campi, Gae Aulenti, Paolo Tilche, Matteo Thun and Antonio Citterio.
Pozzi-Ginori today is a part of Sanitec, a leading bathroom ceramics specialist with a strong pan-European portfolio of locally well-established brands.

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