R50 by ifau und Jesko Fezer | HEIDE & VON BECKERATH

ifau und Jesko Fezer | HEIDE & VON BECKERATH


ifau und Jesko Fezer | HEIDE & VON BECKERATHarchmarathonifau und Jesko Fezer | HEIDE & VON BECKERATH
Kantstraße 152
10623 Berlin
Mixed tenure housing
Project selected:
Berlin, Germany
Jury motivation
The innovative methodology and design thinking opens up many possibilities for much needed affordable housing everywhere. It transforms a neglected urban area into a highly liveable and sustainable laboratory for collective housing.

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The building for the R50 joint building venture consists of 19 distinct apartments and large rooms and areas for all residents. It is situated in a post-war residential neighbourhood in Berlin Kreuzberg which comprises diverse housing developments.
The six-storey detached building has three apartments on each level, as well as a basement and an attic. The reinforced concrete structure was designed to minimum requirements.
Combined with the reduced and partly exposed infrastructure, the independent modular timber facade and apertures specifically developed for this building and the all- around balconies on each level, it provides great flexibility for the layout of floor plans.
Meeting the owners’ aspiration for collective and affordable living the architectural concept is based on a robust and simple structure with carefully detailed connections on different scales. Each apartment was developed in an intensive process of consultations, discussions and design.