Scandurra studio works on different kind of issues: from strategies of territorial planning to urban, architectural, interior and exhibit design, as well as artistic direction. In 2004 it achieved third place in the competition for the new headquarters of Regione Lombardia in Milan.
From 2005 it was in charge of the Corporate image for several design companies and has been designing showrooms and stands in Milan, Copenhagen, Moscow, Beijing, New York, Frankfurt and Paris. Recently, Scandurrastudio has developed and finalized various projects.

Main projects:
Maspes-Vigorelli Velodrome, International design competition, Milano – with Beretta Associati, 2012
ABB plant mitigation strategy, Invited competition – with Beretta Associati, 2012
Palladio Museum, Vicenza, 2012
FW Headquarters, Milano, 2011
Gattamelata towers housing complex, Milano, 2010
Piranesi housing complex, Invited competition, Milano – 2nd prize, 2009
Piazza Verdi redevelopment, International design competition, La Spezia, 2009
Visual mitigation of a Regasification Plant and Territorial park, Brindisi, 2009
“Gold Medal for Italian architecture 2009”, Exhibition at Triennale di Milano, 2009
Zurich Insurance Company Italian Headquarters, Milan, 2006