Founded in 1927 in Cantu (Lombardy – Italy), TABU is the world leader in dyeing wood and it is currently present in more than 60 countries all over the world.
Thanks to the experience obtained through three generations, TABU has developed during the years sophisticated and eco-friendly technologies that contribute to enhance its deep knowledge of the wood.
TABU is an outstanding point of reference for designers, architects and interior designers from all over the world: the dyeing of natural wood together with the technology of the multilaminar wood allow the highest grade of creativity ‘ and permit to guarantee the homogeneousness of the color and the consistency of the structure.
Homogeneousness and consistency are surely the strength points of the wood technology, carried out by TABU with high and incomparable quality standards.
The respect for the nobility of the raw material, the wood and the environment has oriented the company to invest, earlier than provided from the environmental laws, in waterpurification plants with sophisticated solutions and in purification plants for the emissions in the atmosphere, with a continuous attention to the most demanding regulations.

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