Founded by Professor Li Brian Zhang, Atelier TeamMinus started as a design research laboratory in 2001.
Witnessing the rapid, sometimes brutal Chinese urbanization, Ateiler TeamMinus takes a critical view on the received modernity in China. The separation of past and present, the pandemic of consumerism and iconography, and the positivism and technocracy in architecture making, are alienating Chinese buildings and cities. To tackle on these issues, Atelier TeamMinus advocates an approach that is based on a contemporary intervention learning from these three sources: history, pontaneity, non-industrial technologies.


Main projects:
Jianamani Visitor Center, Yushu, Qinghai, China, 2013
Jinchang Cultural Centre, Jinchang, Gansu, China, 2007
Ningbo Hefeng Creative Plaza, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, 2012
Main Venue, 7th National Flower Show Shunyi International Distribution Center for Flower Industry, Shunyi, Beijing, China, 2009
‘Xin-Jiu-Zhou-Qing-Yan’ Roof Garden , China Pavilion 2010 Expo, Pudong, Shanghai, China, 2010
Shunyi Olympic Media Centre, Shunyi, Beijing, China, 2008
Lanshan Culture Cenrtre, Rizhao Shan Dong, China, 2014
Ningbo Dongqian Provincial Centre, Ningbo, China, 2014