TERA, a new, design-oriented Italian brand.
The new interior design trends explore the use of new materials enhancing and enabling the search of a new architectural language where volumes are explored and defined and a new comfort is possible. 3D design, prototypes of complex objects once feasible at exorbitant costs can finally grow into daily routine. Tera thus provides a new, 100% made in Italy reference point to produce premium indoor&outdoor interior design solutions and to develop innovative projects based on injection and rotational molding technologies. Teraplast, a company set up in the mid Sixties at Castelgomberto, in the surroundings of Vicenza, has always been committed to processing plastic materials with plastic vases as the core business.
Based on the know-how successfully developed throughout its lifetime, the division Tera is a new brand supporting the creativity of architects and interior decorators in pursuit of unusual solutions for their projects. Determined to fulfill the needs of design and indoor/outdoor projects, where plastic materials play a leading role, Tera partners and collaborates with designers by a problem-solving approach to producing an array of objects and products. From the sketch to the finished product all the way down to the know-how, the company has processed a modern material like polyethylene since the Sixties with an untiring industrial design-oriented calling.
The company’s strength resides in being part of Gruppo Margraf which operates in a variety of industries amongst which the engineering and construction of molds while relying on methods leading to the creation of prototypes, scale models and tailor-made products, an asset undoubtedly fit to broaden the offer targeting architects and designers.
Tera makes the most of creativity by relying on the versatile and industrial potentials of the Group and stands out as a research platform for the development of innovative, 100% Made in Italy projects. Creation, engineering, development and production are entirely concentrated on the same manufacturing site. A daring, proudly all-Italian innovation and research project investing its skills and highly flexible style in search of new ideas for tomorrow. To be made into works, today.

Make it on demand
Tera’s current range is only a little display of the potential the company efficiently embodies in transforming ideas into matter. The rotational molding system, gradually upgraded between the eternal solidity of hydraulic tanks and the flowing dynamism of surfing boards, relieves design of the strict restraints of geometry and allows to achieve all kinds of prototype starting with a tailor-made mold with numberless finishing options. The material, a linear, low-density, hard-wearing, non-toxic, recyclable polyethylene polymer featuring mechanic properties one would never tell by its lightness, is thus shaped during the molding process and finished in the desired shade and opacity, while saving additional finishing steps and treatments. From the preliminary stages all the way down to distribution of the finished products, care and management of the project ensure the quality and attention placed in facing the challenges tomorrow’s dreams will raise.

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36070 Castelgomberto (VI) – ITALY
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