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Photos courtesy of Alessandra Bello, Pietro Savorelli


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Piazza San Leonardo 15
31100 Treviso, Italia
Project selected:
Fontaniva, Padova, Italy

1.14 is a team, a group of educators, work to support families taking care of their children after the school hours and during holidays. 1.14 use a new pedagogical approach, which is different according to the age of the children: from 1 to 6 year old everything is worked out as a game.
The owners of the school, who are also managing the program, worked with C+S Architects believing that a ‘holistic approach’ could form the right space for the pedagogic aim, at the same time being in relationship with the environment, with the budget and with the short times of delivering.
This complex is the first of a series of interventions, which 1.14 has the intention to build in Italy to spread their vision.
1.14 the kite is a building formed around the pedagogical aims.
It is a big roof, a kite which has been captured during its flight to become the repair under where activities take place. The building’s orientation towards south produces an opposite north opening which benefits of the shadow during summer time. The kite is a thick concrete made structure, without any insulation working with its own thermal inertia to protect from the summer heat and creating a constant temperature inside the spaces. The space inside is divided into two main parts: a bigger multifunctional space and a smaller space for the younger children. Each space has its own wcs and service spaces.
A series of labs, race tracks, sand arenas and swimming pools design the open-air space.
In the inside, the kite is enriched by color and matter. Its spaces are flexible and open.
A path is unfolded through the kite to connect all the different activities which can be activated.

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