Triptyque is a French-Brazilian Architecture office created in 2000 by Grégory Bousquet, Carolina Bueno, Guillaume Sibaud and Olivier Raffaelli, graduated from the École d’Architecture Paris-La-Seine.
Established in São Paulo and in Paris since 2008, Triptyque faces the creation of tools, raises questions and works in order to modify the evolution of the urban and the contemporary construction.
Triptyque´s work offers multiple narratives and multiple readings. From the core of the office´s architecture practice emerges the coexistence of divers fields of knowledge and experience, the dissolving of commonly accepted repertoires, lingos, disciplines and formats, and the merging of all these into one cohesive, yet faceted work.

Main projects:
Harmonia, house of art, São Paulo, Brazil
Leitão, commercial building, São Paulo, Brazil
Fidalga, Apartment Building Fidalga 727 São Paulo, Brazil
Colombia, corporate building, , São Paulo, Brazil
Station Red Bull, Cultural Center, São Paulo, Brazil
The Observatory, street mall, São Paulo, Brazil
Ouvidor, gallery, São Paulo, Brazil
Arco Tiête, urbanism project, São Paulo, Brazil
Paulista, apartment, São Paulo, Brazil
Groenlandia, commercial building São Paulo, Brazil