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Mimicking with passion
We pursue our mission of mimicking and interpreting nature with passion and a professional approach, with a reference to the Art-Nature association that has been an expression of Italian creativity around the world ever since the Renaissance.
35 years of development, from the start to the present day, to become what we are
870 customers world-wide
1950 projects implemented at private and public level, including terraces, gardens, historical parks, green scenarios, swimming-pools, and waterworks.
Gardens around the world
We have been implementing our projects across 4 continents for many years, meeting all challenges through the use of groundbreaking technologies and the power of our heritage.
A combination of software and acknowledged graphic skills provides a realistic view of a garden’s transformation from the present state to the final outcome.
Our teams of technicians, botanists, system designers, combined with the use of proprietary technologies, ensure long-lasting results. Our remote garden monitoring service coordinates and supervises maintenance interventions.
The plants of the company Vannucci, a leading European producer of garden plants, ensure utmost quality and a broad variety of botanical options to satisfy the needs of private and public customers.

By Gruppo Giardini
Representative office:
Piazza della Repubblica 6,
50123 Florence
Operating office:
Via di Bargi 154
51100 Pistoia
Tel: +39 0573381620
Alessandro De Francesco
Mobile: +39 3482249020