CoRDA – the Center of Research and Design in Architecture at Epoka University was established as such in September 2012 in Tirana, Albania, as a fusion of two university operating units EDU – Epoka Design Unit and ERU – Epoka Research Unit. Building a bridge between industry and academia, CoRDA’s fields of activity are diverse covering architectural design in many levels as well as large-scale researches and publications related also to the work of the university’s architecture department.
Zambak Architects started their activity in Istanbul in 1996. Specializing in the design of educational and institutional buildings, they have international experience collaborating with foreign partners. Along with CoRDA they are the co-authors of several architectural projects, the most recent one being the Epoka Social Center.

Main projects:
Epoka Campus Gate, Tirana, Albania, 2012 [CoRDA + Zambak Architects]
Albtelecom Data Center, Tirana, Albania, 2013 [CoRDA]
Ballie Mosque, Elbasan, Albania, 2012 [CoRDA]
Basaksehir Mosque and Dormitory, Istanbul, Turkey, 2012 [CoRDA + Zambak Architects]
Epoka Social Center and Department of Architecture, Tirana, Albania, 2013 [CoRDA + Zambak Architects]
Quartz Restaurant, Pogradec, Albania, 2013 [CoRDA]
Fier Madrasah, Fier, Albania, 2012 [CoRDA + Zambak Architects]
Cihan Park House, Istanbul, Turkey, 2012 [CoRDA + Zambak Architects]
Zaman Newspaper Headquarters, Istanbul, Turkey, 2006 [Zambak Architects]
Zaman Newspaper Offices, Ankara, Turkey, 2013 [Zambak Architects]
Fatih University Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013 [Zambak Architects]
Suleyman Sah University Campus, Istanbul, Turkey, 2012 [Zambak Architects]