Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo founded 5+1 in 1995 and since then they have been dealing with design in its different thematic and functional declinations (the city, the living, the work spaces, the spaces for culture and education) carrying out several projects in Italy and France. They worked on research on the requalification of urban spaces and significant buildings in the main italian and mediterranean cities: Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence, Genoa, Tangeri, Algeri, Istanbul and Cairo. At the same time 5+1AA leads a research process on the contemporary city through new projects and the development of several strategic master plans including the Master Plan with which Milan won the 2015 Expo.
The Studio, that became 5+1AA agenzia di architettura in 2005, is based on a interdisciplinary relationship developed between the Agencies of Genoa, Milan (2006) and Paris (2007), creating a virtuous triangle between cities, cultures and their confrontation. 5+1AA, during the years, won several national and international awards, including the Philippe Rotthier European Prize for Architecture, the International Chicago Athenaeum Prize, the “Leone d’Argento” at the Biennale of Venice for the new Cinema Palace in Venice and the title of “Benemerito” for the School the Culture and Arts, from the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

Main projects:
San Benigno Towers – Genoa, Italy 2014
San Martino Ex iron and steel industy – Milan, Italy 2012
Italian Space Agency – Rome, Italy 2012
University residences – Savona, Italy 2011
Railway Great Repair Shops – Turin, Italy 2011
Blend Tower and Blend Building – Milan, Italy 2010
The Horizontal Tower – Milan, Italy 2010
Reconstruction of San Giuliano di Puglia, Italy 2009
New retail park, Assago – Milan, Italy 2009
Library, games room and auditorium – Casarza Ligure, Italy 2009
Marina residence – Cotonou Benin, Africa 2008
University campus and training center – Savona, Italy 2005
Parfiri Low Emission building – Savona, Italy 2005
Directorate of the Interior Ministry – Rome, Italy 2001 (Lots I-II-III)

Project work in progress:
Nuova sede dell’autorità portuale – Savona, Italy – 2015
IV Lotto del Ministero degli Interni – Roma, Italy – 2015
Complesso residenziale ad Asnières-sur-Seine – Francia – 2016
Nuova sede di BNL-BNP Paribas – Roma, Italy – 2016
I Docks di Marsiglia – Marseille, France – 2015
Nuova Biblioteca nell’area ex Fitram – La Spezia, Italy – 2016
Sede della Banca d’Italia, Roma – 2017
Centro polivalente e Sale della Musica nella ex caserma Cantore – Cuneo, Italy



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