Thinking of a project as a process is the only common thread running through our work. Beginning the thinking of a project at the op­posite end of the planning spectrum, from the bottom up, helps us merge into the deep un­derstanding of local know-hows, and capac­ities of widening or subverting the initial end result to new uses. We consider the process as a means of minimizing energy consump­tion between design and realization. Working directly with factories and artisans enables to optimize the energy consumption in function of the resources available and the ambitions. We believe that sustainability is no excuse for sacrifices. Instead, research is synonym of ambition for a more sustainable, more com­fortable, and more interactive design.

Main projects:
The Toulkarem Courthouse – Toulkarem, Palestine – 2015
The bic structure – Amsterdam, the Netherlands – 2015
Al-Badd Museum – Bethlehem, Palestine – 2014
The stonesourcing space – Bethlehem, Palestine – 2013
Caritas baby hospital – Bethlehem, Palestine – 2013
The edward said national conservatory of music – Bethlehem, Palestine – 2012
Yabous Cultural Center – Jerusalem, Palestine – 2010
French General Consulate – Jerusalem, Palestine – 2004
Jericho Old Aged home – Jericho, Palestine – 2001
Saint andrea Guest house – Bethlehem, Palestine – 1988

Project work in progress:
The Hebron Courts complex – Hebron, Palestine – 2015-2018
el-Atlal artist residency – Jericho, Palestine – 2015-2019
Holy Family Hospital – Bethlehem, Palestine -2015-2016
BASR Hospital – Beit Jala, Palestine – 2015-2017
Goethe Institute – Ramallah, Palestine – 2015
Institut Francais – Ramallah, Palestine – 2015
The Museum of the Palestinian depopulated villages – Bethlehem, Palestine – 2014-2020


Project selected for Archmarathon: THE NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC