Abdu Allah al-Hadhrami is an architect and specialist in the conservation and reuse of historic buildings and mastering of training building crafts. He has extensive experience for the last 24 years with managerial and coordination of the international donors projects, and counterpart for different projects as project architect or as advisor. His experience include as project architect, for the Private Sectors , Government agencies, Social Fund for Development and the Cultural Heritage Protection Project (Project) Preparation Unit (as part of the World Bank Projects in Yemen) with particular reference to the area needed interventions in the three World Heritage Listed Cites, in addition to the institutional, management issues related to the preservation, in the documentation of historical buildings in another parts of Yemen, and a field research and drafting construction detailing, drawing documents and restoration of historical buildings and monuments.
He participated in numerous international workshops outside Yemen in the field of conservation and Archaeology. He is a private architect for historic site analysis and development of new use for number of buildings and restoration of those buildings and monuments in the old city of Sana’a and other part of capital Sana’a like Bir al-Azab and Bir al-Shams areas, Dar al-Hajjar Wadi Dahar, Kholan and Rawdah; Wadi Hadhramout, Zabid, Jiblah and Eden and Shibam Kawkaban.

Main projects:
Restoration of north city wall and the Birkat al-Miah – Thula, Yemen – 2012
Restoration of the mosque – Zabid, Yemen – 2012
Restoration of the mosque of Shibam Kawkaban – Shibam Kawkaban, Yemen – 2012
New building of the resident of the American Institute for Yemeni Studies Center – San’a al-Qa’a, Yemen – 2010
Restoration of Bab al-Qurtub (Centre for Family production of Handcrafts) – Zabid, Yemen – 2008
Restoration of Beit Enqad (Former British Council) – al-Bonia, Bir al-Azab, San’a Yemen – 2006
Rebuilding of the landscape of inner court of the national museum – San’a, Yemen – 2006
Restoration of the Dar al-Hajjar Palace 1728AD, Wadi Dhahar, Yemen – 2006
Restoration of 25 houses medium intervention – San’a, Yemen – 2006

Project selected for Archmarathon: THULA FORT RESTORATION

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