Alataş architecture & consulting has been established in Turkey since 2000, creating high-end, precise design solutions for add-ons in the city, reconstructions and new buildings.
The visionary architecture of the practice is engaged in ecologic, technologic and humanistic utopias that aim to form the common future. The starting point of the work is the user and his/her relationship with nature and the environment, emphasizing on the user’s connection to the surrounding. Moreover, daylight is a very important element of the architectural form with an obvious impact on the interior spaces.
From the initial sketch to the very end of each construction, the search for flexibility, illimitability, permeability and transparency leads to new shapes that create ideally lit and ventilated areas through the use of natural forms of energy. Flowing functions of indoor areas and spatial interactions of the building with its periphery play also a very important role to the design process.
Through the implementation of new technologies, the life quality of the user is improved. The practice intents to replace heavy constructions with the new systems, materials and readable structures. The load bearing structure becomes a sculptural element with minimized cross-sections. Unpretentious but well-thought-out high quality details increase the quality of the buildings. Use of dry construction technologies and on site fabrication of the assembling components accelerate and simplify the mathematically organized construction processes.

Main projects:
Karabük House – Bodrum, Turkey – 2015
Babylon (Concerthall) – Bomonti, Istanbul, Turkey – 2015
Altunizade Offices – Istanbul, Turkey – 2015
Maçakızı Hotel – Restaurant, Bar, Fitness and Spa – Bodrum, Turkey – 2014
Dardenia Fish – Istanbul, Turkey – 2014
Yegül Evi – Emirgan, Istanbul, Turkey – 2014
Muhtaroğlu Evi – Altunizade, Istanbul, Turkey – 2014
Özyürek House – Bebek, Istanbul, Turkey – 2013
Gandur House – Bodrum, Turkey – 2012
Metrocity Office – Levent, Istanbul, Turkey – 2011
Dardanel – Tarabya, Istanbul, Turkey – 2011
Ipera 25 Housing – Galata, Istanbul, Turkey – 2011
Teknotel Office – Kozyatağı, Istanbul, Turkey – 2010
Necip / Gamze Bursa House – Tarabya, Istanbul, Turkey – 2010
Inanlar – Zekeriyaköy, Turkey – 2010
Çiftkaplan Shop – Nişantaşı, Istanbul, Turkey – 2009
Niyazi Önen House – Kemerburgaz – 2007
Ayse Yarsuvat House – Beşevler, Yalova – 2006
Birkenstock Shop – Kanyon, Istanbul, Turkey – 2006
Sarmasık Housing – Zekeriyaköy, Istanbul, Turkey – 2006
Emine Usaklıgil House – Kemerburgaz, Istanbul, Turkey – 2005
Alatas Evi House – Baltalimanı – 2005
Alatas Office – Nişantaşı, Istanbul, Turkey – 2005
Fuat Nalbantoglu House – Baltalimanı – 2005
Affan Basak House – Kemerburgaz, Istanbul, Turkey – 2000

Project work in progress:
Turgut Yılmaz – Kanlıca – 2015
Levent Office – Levent, Istanbul, Turkey – 2015
Demirören – Göktürk, Istanbul, Turkey – 2015
Robert Bubbleteria-Cafeteria – Arnavutköy, Istanbul, Turkey – 2015
Hidromekanik Shipyard – Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey – 2015
Fatma Özcan House – London, UK – 2015


Project selected for Archmarathon: IPERA 25

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