The ANTONAS office is a nomadic architecture office, mostly constituted as a collaborative platform in the web. It was established by Aristide Antonas together with some stable collaborators such as Katerina Koutsogianni, Yannikos Vassiloulis and others. ANTONAS office uses basic office spaces in order to operate in Athens, Berlin and Nicosia while its performance is characterized as a system of dialogs. The ANTONAS office was introduced as a research laboratory of spatial practices; but it soon started operating as a practice related to idiosyncratic constructions. Founded in 2006 with the participations in architectural competitions the ANTONAS office became recognizable for its idiosyncratic representation techniques in which it combined simple 3d perspectives dressed with black and white photoshop realistic collages instead of renderings. The technique organized the office production in a distance to the rendering rationale; a “down to reality” strategy was also defining the office’s philosophy of practice. A collaboration with Law Theory specialist Thanos Zartaloudis was crucial for the most recent phase of Aristide’s work, shown in a solo show in Basel’s Swiss Architecture Museum. This last phase includes two built projects; the Agglomeration of Empty Shops by the Onassis Foundation and the Open Air Office by the Remap Biennial of Athens and challenges the importance of the web as a creator of different programs for architecture.

Main projects:
Agglomeration of Empty Shops – Athens, Greece – 2014
Open Air Office – Athens, Greece – 2011
The Amphitheater House – Hydra, Greece – 2007
The Country Office – Euboea, Greece – 2003
Pattakis bookshop – Athens, Greece – 2000

Project work in progress:
Elevator house – Antiparos, Greece
Open air house – Antiparos, Greece
Small house – Hydra, Greece
Area for sleep – Athens, Greece
Bed museum – Athens, Greece


Project selected for Archmarathon: OPEN AIR OFFICE