Apractice was founded in 2009 by two architects (Salim Kadi and Mustapha Jundi) and a new media designer (Bana Kadi). It is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Beirut.
a /à/ ; the prefix meaning “not” or “without”, is the idea that the studio is based on; the desire to constantly think from within and without preconceived possibilities of the architectural discipline. We strongly believe that the design can be an active tool of criticism; an empowering mode of resistance towards established preconceptions regarding the built environment. We operate across multiple modes of adaptation and transformation, making spaces, buildings and objects [at various scales and programmatic requirements from that of the urban to that of the object] that engage with various issues, responding through the use of architectural tools.
Navigating through urban conditions and individual requirements, we implement a design process that enables us to conceive of and execute projects within a large realm of experiences. Besides its high quality products and services, apractice asserts an environmental consciousness in the design process.
In June 2015, the founders decided to dissolve apractice to pursue independent architectural careers.

Main projects:
Memory Lane – Beirut, Lebanon – 2014
Bar 429 – Beirut, Lebanon – 2014
MINA 1394 – Beirut, Lebanon – 2014
HJ Residence – Beirut, Lebanon – 2013
SH Residence – Beirut, Lebanon – 2011

Project work in progress:
MS Residence – Sidon, Lebanon – 2014
FJ Residence – Hamana, Lebanon – 2012
NJ Residence – Tripoli, Lebanon – 2009


Project selected for Archmarathon: MINA 1394 OFFICE BUILDING

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