Founded in 2010 by Nathalie Habr and Halim Khoriaty,
Atelier130 has built its reputation on functional, distinctive and organic spaces. Our passion for simplicity in design is matched by our attention to detail: ergonomics, fluid movement and natural light and ventilation are hallmarks of our work. All of our creations are bespoke, reflecting not only the purpose and the place they will serve, but also the people who will interact with that space, their needs, preferences and lifestyle.
Atelier130 projects are responsive to the requirements and preferences of our clients. They are also representative of our vision; of the role architecture plays in cities, societies and individual lives. Our ideas and designs emerge out of the context of each project and evolve in conversation with it. The result: spaces shaped by and for the unique characteristics of the surrounding environment.

Main projects:
Garden State, restaurant and bar – Sin el fil, Lebanon – 2015
Senteurs d’Orient Headquarters, soap plant & offices – Dekwaneh, Lebanon – 2014
JK House, private residence – Joun, Lebanon – 2013
Arch472, residential building, Achrafieh – Beirut, Lebanon – 2013

Project work in progress:
Wise House, private residence – Ghouma, Lebanon
J Pavilion, private residence – Joun, Lebanon
CMC Headquarters, Offices, Warehouses & Showroom – Dekwaneh, Lebanon
M Buildings, residential building – Beit Mery, Lebanon
SK House, private residence – Joun, Lebanon
6.0.6, restaurants, cafes & bars – Sin el fil, Lebanon
House in Kfar, private residence – Kfarchleimane, Lebanon


Project selected for Archmarathon: SENTEURS D’ORIENT HEADQUARTERS