Business to business

In addition to being a cultural event and an award, ARCHMARATHON is also a trade promotion event through the organization of an extensive schedule of matching between the participating Studios and businesses.
Under the rules of engagement signed at the time of accepting the commitment, the 42 architects have to guarantee their willingness to carry out a 20 minute meeting with the 10 companies present during the three day event.
The organization will compile the list of meeting preferences for each company and will organize a timetable so as to ensure that each partner is guaranteed a meeting with all the Studios present.
Obviously, companies can also count on meeting the numerous professionals who will attend the event as visitors. Over 2,000 participants from all over Lebanon and the Middle East are expected.
To ensure that the one to one meetings go smoothly, each participating Studio will be assisted by the ArchAngels: students of architecture and design who have been chosen by the organization and who will take care of each individual studio during the three days, assisting them in managing their meetings timetable and helping with any logistical requirement.

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