Emine & Mehmet Ogun started their career with Arch. Turgut Cansever, father of Emine Ogun, in 1979 when still studing architecture at Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul and they were together at Cansever’s office unt il he passed away in 2009.
During these years, they assited Cansever for several projects, they were part of the design team for Demir Houses, which received an Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1992.
Their architectural design works are ongoing in their small studio.

Main projects:
Orencik Kır Evleri – Istanbul, Turkey – 2005
Amanruya Hotel – Bodrum, Turkey – 2011

Project work in progress:
Marzouq House in Bodrum, Turkbuku, Turkey – 2015
House in Ankara – Turkey – 2015
House in Ilgaz – Turkey – 2015
Sivas Kaleardı Distric Houses/boutique hotels and recreational facilities – 2015


Project selected for Archmarathon: AMANRUYA

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