The study, small-scale but used to work with multi-disciplinary teams has made over the years works and projects of architecture and urban design.
We aim to integrate as many consultants in the initial stages of the design process, and setting effective feedback during the project. We believe that the best value and quality emerge from an intense involvement with the stakeholders of the project, clients, end-users, advisors and contractors. We collaborate also with many architects, in the church and in others with the study Alonso and Barrientos architects.
We thoroughly analysis the constraints and specificities as the primary drivers of each project.
Performing with rigor and precision, exploring the possibilities of contemporary architectural technologies, and embracing accountability constitute the core of our operative ethos.
The resolution of the programs, the proper implementation, the appropriateness, the efficient construction and sustainability have guided our proposals.
We like to enrich our proposals with references to the History of Architecture, especially the History of the modern masters and our period, too with other disciplines such as Geography, Science and Art. The study works have been published in many publications and have earned many awards and distinctions: twenty awards or honorable mentions in the fifteen calls COACAN Awards, two Europe Nostra awards, three times selected for the Spanish Architecture Biennal.

Main projects:
Renewal of the old main seminary of Comillas University – Comillas Cantabria, Spain – 2012
Unquera parish center – Church of the Holy Martyrs, Unquera. Val de San Vicente – Cantabria, Spain – 2012
Swimming pool in Pesues, Val de San Vicente – Cantabria, Spain – 2012
Renovation of Peredo Barreda Palace and Annexe Houses, Santillana del Mar – Cantabria, Spain – 2012
Residence study, Mijares, Santillana del Mar – Cantabria, Spain – 2009
The gorila´s house in Cabárceno Park, Villaescusa – Cantabria, Spain – 2008
House in Somoboo, Ribamontán al Mar – Cantabria, Spain – 2008
Our Lady of Bethlehem Church, Santander – Cantabria, Spain – 2003
Study for two artists, Saro – Cantabria, Spain – 2002
Renovation of the Velo tower, Velo, Piélagos – Cantabria, Spain – 2002
The sport´s house, Santander – Cantabria, Spain – 2001

Project work in progress:
Renovation and expansion of a swimming pool in Ostende
Renovation of the casona Bedoya Soberon, Spain
House in Mijares, Spain
Master Plan adjacent property to the Peredo Barreda Palace in Santillana, Spain
Art Galery in Solares, Spain
Renewal of the old main seminary of Comillas University, Madrid, Spain