The spirit of Libya Design Cultural Centre goes back in the pre-historic period, to the Tadrart Acacus Mountains of southern Libyan Sahara. The Ancient Man used caves as dwellings and found an original way of express his culture trough design of divine rock paintings and engravings.
We believe that the concept behind Libya Design has an existence and an experience that goes back over 14,000 years. We are the fortunate inheritors of the deep cultural traditions that both inform our work and form its basis. Libya Design Cultural Centre was established in 2011 in Tripoli, Libya.
We deal with all aspects of design in terms of old, new and futuristic concepts that highly respect the cultural context and are specific to each project. The main objective with any design is to provide new, original concepts and a pragmatic architecture/design, which maintains visionary ambitions.
The counterpart to our work is an interest in research. We remain dedicated to the realization of buildings and masterplans, but we operate in areas beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture, including media, sociology, publishing, graphic design and product design.
Libya Design strongly believes in design as a process, viewing every parameter of a project as an opportunity rather than a constraint. We transform restrictive factors into the catalyst enabling Libya Design to provide innovative architecture.

Main projects:
Doshma Café Gallery – Tripoli, Libya – 2013

Project work in progress:
Mixed Use Development – Tripoli, Libya
Al Jaraba Retail – Tripoli, Libya
Azuz Villa – Benghazi, Libya
Benghazi Residence – Benghazi, Libya
Tripoli Residence -Tripoli, Libya
Misrata Villa – Misrata, Libya
Al Madinah Villa – Madinah, KSA
Rajab Okasha Sport Hall Reconstruction – Tripoli, Libya


Project selected for Archmarathon: DOSHMA CAFE GALLERY