Sandy Attia and Matteo Scagnol partner as MoDus Architects in the year 2000 after having completed their graduate studies at Harvard University. The studio distinguishes itself by its heterogeneous approach to the field of architecture, combining the two different cultural and formative backgrounds into one platform for design ideas. Completed projects range in scale from infrastructure, to buildings, to objects within the buildings, and include public, institutional and private commissions. In recent years the practice has gone on to complete a number of critically acclaimed projects, including the Bressanone-Varna Ring road, the Pre-School, Kindergarten and Family Center in Bolzano, and the Kostner House and Studio in Castelrotto—projects all located in the South Tyrol region of Italy. Subsequent to a series of national and international accolades, several new projects with a wider geographic reach are currently underway, marking a shift in their scope of work.

Main projects:
Building the Expo – Tongji University – Shangai, Cina – 2015
Building the Expo – Expo, Fiera Rho-Pero – Milan, Italy – 2015
Renovation and extension of Manzoni School – Bressanone, Italya – 2014
School complex, elementary school and district library – Bolzano, Italy – 2014
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre – Bolzano, Italy – 2014
Camali Clinic (adolscent Child and Mental Health Clinic) – Dubai Health Care City, Dubai UAE – 2014
Expo 2015: an environment laboratory, Expo Section, Italian Pavilion, Italy – 2014
International Architecture Exhibition. The Venice Biennale – Venice, Italy – 2014
Expansion and renovation of the school building in Merano – Merano, Italy – 2014
House-Atelier Kostner (Costner House and Studio) – Castelrotto, Italy – 2013
Renovation and expansion of the Maso (Landmann Farmhouse) – Renon, Italy – 2013
Renovation and Expansion of Ora’s Primary School – Ora, Italy – 2013
House Neumair-Kofler – Caldaro, Italy – 2013
Childhood complex. Nursery, Kindergarten and Family Center, Firmian area – Bolzano, Italy – 2012
New headquarters and Damiani Holz & Ko offices extension – Bressanone, Italy – 2012
Projects competition of the Alpine huts in Tyrol, Bressanone Hall Forum, International Mountain Summit – Italy – 2012
Reviewing Barth. The work of the re-read by 13 photographers, Ex-Astra – Bressanone, Italy – 2012
Collectors of hot water for heating network district – Bressanone, Italy – 2012
Ring Bressanone-Varna (Ringroad / Bypass) – Bressanone, Varna, Italy – 2012
Cooperative Sirius (apartmenthouse) – Milland, Bressanone, Italy – 2012
House Hahnberg – Bressanone, Italy – 2011

Project work in progress:
Offices, requalification and expansion – Chiasso, Switzerland – 2016
Residential Complex – Arzo, Switzerland – 2016
Pedestrian underpass-exhibition gallery to the Brenner motorway, the A22, the Brenner Pass – Italy – 2016
Private House – Mellaun, Italy – 2016
Myre Cooperative – Bolzano, Italy – 2016
Renovation and Expansion of Wasserman multi-family house – Bressanone, Italy – 2016
Circonvallazione Bressanone-Varna – Bressanone, Italy – 2016
Redevelopment of the historic center of San Michele – San Michele, Appiano, Italy – 2016
New Bridge to St. Andrew – Bressanone, Italy – 2016
Renovation and Expansion of Ex-Astra, Ex-Barilla – Bressanone, Italy – 2016
Expansion and Renovation of Elementary School, multipurpose room and Nursery School – S. Andrea, Italy – 2016
Pedestrian underpass – Bressanone, Italy – 2016
Expansion of Regional catering college Emma Hellensteiner – Bressanone, Italy – 2016
Energy improvement of Schoolhouse WFO – Brunico, Italy – 2016
Demolition and rebuilding of Ice Bridge Refuge – Mühlwald-Lappach, Italy – 2015
Renovation and Expansion of Multifamily House – Natz, Italy – 2015
House in the mountains – La Villa, Val Badia – Italy – 2015


Project selected for Archmarathon: RING-ROAD

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