Photos courtesy of Cherubino Gambardella, Francesco Jodice


Riviera di Chiaia, 215 - 80121 Naples, Italy
Mixed Tenure Housing and Buildings
Project selected:
Piscinola, Naples, Italy

In North Naples in one of the toughest parts of the suburbs, we won an international competition to replace the temporary houses built after the 1980 earthquake with permanent housing.
The blue square.
This is a residential area consisting of a square defined by houses with gardens on the ground floor and four upper levels of accommodation, spanning the space and thus defining a true extended urban plaza. This is an architecture built from multiple blocks that contain two simplex apartments per floor. The external image is marked by a huge blue wall sliced up into loggias, balconies and overhangs to capture the powerful shadows of Neapolitan light. Particular attention defines these multiple cuts in the same way as sheets of origami, in the definition of a statement by the various forms, ready to be integrated with those self-built additions (satellite dishes, porches, railings, etc.) that in Naples complement the architectural space, giving it a sensitive variety.
The random unit.
A residential unit constructed through diverse cantilevered forms, integrating the remains of the building sizes with the substance of a design that is never the same. The density is inspired by the Mediterranean houses of the Campania coast thus, creating a vertical Procida that restores a picturesque dimension to an otherwise gloomy place.

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