Sahel Al Hiyari Architects – SHA is an award-winning, design-driven Amman-based architectural practice, led by principal architect Sahel Al Hiyari. The firm’s work covers a wide spectrum of design related disciplines ranging from urban design, interior and furniture design, to architectural installations and exhibition design. SHA’s diverse portfolio has been published and exhibited internationally. SHA addresses the particularities, challenges and limitations of each project as instrumental aspects that are internalised within the design discourse and approach. The synergies between design, materiality and technique with the cultural context create an architecture that proposes diversity, change and place-related transformation. SHA’s work therefore regards context, with its traditions and conventions, as aspects subject to redefinition and reinvention. SHA is a design studio that aims to produce architecture of excellence regardless of scale, budget or location.

Main projects:
H.S. House – Amman, Jordan – 2015
A.S. House – Amman, Jordan – 2007
H.M. House – Amman, Jordan – 2006
Darat Al Funun, The Khaled Shoman Foundation – Amman, Jordan – 2005
F.K. Studio – Amman, Jordan – 2005
N.D. House – Amman, Jordan – 2003
Clinical Psychologist’s Workspace – Amman, Jordan – 2001
M.B. House – Jordan Valley, Jordan – 1999

Project work in progress:
N.H. House – Dahshour, Egypt – 2015
G.N. House – Amman, Jordan – 2015
M.R. House – Zai, Jordan – 2014
Avenue Foch Apartment – Paris, France – 2013
K.B. House – Amman, Jordan – 2011


Project selected for Archmarathon: H.S. HOUSE