ŞANALarc is a knowledge-centric practice-based studio in Istanbul with expertise in architecture and urban design. The firm explores how unique characters of place intertwined with technology, art and social life generate distinctive and expressive environments that delight people’s imaginations and enhance the quality of life. ŞANALarc’s ability to remain agile and effective is based on a core team of professionals working-in-concert in a networked community of experts, creatives, engineers, organizational leaders and investors.
The partners’ core know-how concentrates on creating knowledge communities, cultural institutions, public space, education and urban infill.
The team’s efforts are focused to expand the qualities of the built environment in their context by a process of clarity of concept, collaboration with clients, sustainable design principles, material and geometric expression, precision, amplifying resources, and enhanced local knowledge in construction methods. Following this path, projects as Sishane Park and Hacimimi Residential Urban Infill intend to create inspiring landscapes for engaging the city. Besides, BU Rasathane Campus Master Plan and UHeM Data Center projects were enhanced by advances in BIM technologies to ensure design performance into the realization of each work. Other completed projects as SALT Research Center and Doluca Winery underpin the firm’s philosophy as a passion for design as a force for excellence

Main projects:
Robert College – Istanbul, Turkey – 2015
Park Dibek – Istanbul, Turkey – 2014
Şişhane Park – Istanbul, Turkey – 2014
UHeM – stanbul, Turkey – 2012
SALT Research – Istanbul, Turkey – 2011
Doluca Winery – Çerkezköy, Turkey – 2011
OTIS Istanbul Headquarters – Istanbul, Turkey – 2009
Levent Guest House – Istanbul, Turkey – 2007

Project work in progress:
Bomontiada – Istanbul, Turkey
ERSA Ideas House – Istanbul, Turkey
MADAC – Al Madinah Al Munawwarah, KSA
Muradiye – Istanbul, Turkey
Haci Mimi – Istanbul, Turkey


Project selected for Archmarathon: ŞİŞHANE PARK