ShamsArd Design Studio was founded in 2012 by a small group of architects with the goal of finding design solutions that holds social and environmental responsibility as its core value. In addition to being a architectural design studio, ShamsArd is active in research of sustainable building materials and techniques that are rooted in the local architectural heritage. The studio is based in the city of Ramallah in Palestine.
Our work varies from minor spatial interventions that improves users’ experience to the design of natural and indigenous buildings, the training of unskilled laborers, and the construction supervision. We focus on passive solar solutions, wastewater recycling and regenerative landscaping.
Raising awareness towards the construction waste and landfill is what we introduce through our furniture design by using what is considered waste to create playful and unique furniture pieces. We suffer from the scarce resources and political vulnerability, therefore, we apply sustainable design solutions with its three dimensions; society, economy, and the environment.

Main projects:
Parent’s Corner, Nine schools in various locations, Palestine – 2015
Gallery One, Ramallah, Palestine – 2015
Beit Al-Quds Playscape, Jerusalem, Palestine – 2015
Al-Dyouk Restaurant, Al-Dyouk Village, Palestine – 2014
Beit Qad Permaculture Training Center, Beit Qad Village, Palestine – 2014
Courtyard residence, Jericho, Palestine – 2014
Rehabilitation of Al-Bireh Cultural Center-Al-Bireh, Palestine – 2014
Aqaba Restaurant, Aqaba village – 2014
Al-Dyouk Women Center, Al-Dyouk Village, Palestine – 2013
Moon House, Jericho, Palestine – 2013
Bardala Women Center, Bardala Village, Palestine – 2013
Christmas in Glass Exhibit, Ramallah, Palestine – 2013
Ecological Museum Showroom, Ramallah, Palestine – 2013
Experiment #1, Ramallah, Palestine – 2012
Friends Meeting House Garden Rehabilitation, Ramallah,Palestine – 2012
Young Artist of the Year Trail Design, – 2012

Project work in progress:
Mosiac Hotel, Bethlehem, Palestine
Bethlehem Children’s Museum, Bethlehem


Project selected for Archmarathon: MOON HOUSE