Photos courtesy of FG+SG – Fernando Guerra


R. Fabrica Material de Guerra, 10, 1950-128 Lisboa, Portugal
Hotel & Leisure
Project selected:
Montemor-o-Novo (Alentejo), Portugal

Integrated in the L’And Vineyards resort, a concept that results of the synergies yielding from the family-based winemaking and agro-business company Sousa Cunhal, the Hotel is the key building of the whole ensemble. It has the reception, clubhouse, restaurant, Spa with indoor pool, and the back-ofhouse service support to the adjacent townhouse suites.
In addition, the building functions as a winery, where guests can experience the whole winemaking process, from grapes selection, crushing, fermentation and pressing, to barrel aging, blending, filtering and bottling.
Inspired on the whitewashed walled patios of the Alentejo, the building was conceived as an hinged prism from which its four corners where cut-off (reception, chill-out, restaurant terrace and industrial), creating areas of shade and intimacy.
Topographically, the volume has been carefully positioned to meet the contours of the ground with the least change. The large window of the indoor pool at the lower level, suggests itself as a wall folded to release the views of the landscape.


Lead by Paulo Martins Barata, Joao Luís Ferreira, Paulo Perloiro, Pedro Appleton and Joao Perloiro, PROMONTORIO began in Lisbon in 1990 as an experimental studio and consistently grew into a multidisciplinary practice of more than 40 architects, planners, landscape architects, interior designers and graphic designers.
Underlying its approach to the urban form, the work of PROMONTORIO has often been identified with the pursuit of a ‘system of robustness’ (i.e. solidity, stability and durability) both in terms of representational meaning and technical research.
This cohesive and interactive structure has enabled PROMONTORIO to deal with large and complex projects both in terms of design and programme, ranging from schools, museums and cultural institutions, to housing, offices, hotels and retail and mixed-use. PROMONTORIO has designed projects for Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, China, Dubai, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Georgia, Mozambique, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Syria, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Vietnam, having established partnerships in many of these.

Main projects:
Pemba Centre – Pemba, Mozambique – 2015
Lubango Centre – Lubango, Angola – 2015
L’And Vineyards, Masterplan and key buildings – Montemor-o-novo, Portugal – 2011
Tivoli Victoria Hotel, Vilamoura – Algarve, Portugal – 2009
Vivaci Shopping Centre – Guarda, Portugal – 2009
Praca de Entrecampos – Lisbon, Portugal – 2009
Troia Design Hotel – 2009
Dolce Vita Shopping Centre – Ovar, Portugal – 2007
Mora River Aquarium – Mora, Alentejo, Portugal – 2006
Oriente Complex, Expo’98 – Lisbon, Portugal – 2002
Telheiras Housing – 1997
Rank Xerox Portugal – Lisbon, Portugal – 1996
Lisbon Book fair Pavilion, Ministry of Culture – Lisbon, Portugal – 1990

Project work in progress:
Dubrovnik Belvedere Hotel – Dubrovnik, Croatia – 2015
Maputo Waterfront – Maputo, Mozambique – 2015
Katara Phase iv – Doha, State of Qatar – 2015
Danube Riverfront North Park – Belgrade, Serbia – 2015
Kempinski Belgrade Hotel – Belgrade, Serbia – 2015


Project selected for Archmarathon: L’AND VINEYARDS HOTEL