317 Social Housing Units

SV60 Cordón & Liñán Arquitectos

Photo courtesy of Jesùs Granada

317 Social Housing Units

SV60 Cordón & Liñán ArquitectosarchmarathonSV60 Cordón & Liñán Arquitectos
San Vicente, 60 3º izq, 41001 Sevilla, Spain
Mixed Tenure Housing & Buildings
Project selected:
317 Social Housing Units
Loma de Colmenar, Ceuta

We bring into play a range of parameters aimed at creating an independent fragment of a city that reconstructs perceptive essences associated with an understanding of the Place itself. Empty spaces, squares, streets, vantage points and courtyards are configured as basic elements in order to define our new “neighbourhood.”
Due to the sharp slope of the plot (40 metres of height difference), the proposal is to amend the topography by means of a series of terraces integrated into the geometric framework, with slopes of approximately 5 metres. The buildings will adapt to the different slopes, adopting a winding pattern to seek better orientations and spread out in a south to north direction. The buildings adapt to the topography, either supported or “floating”, focusing on the continuity of spaces, of visual relationships, orientation, etc.
The typology is based on a rational model generated by 3.00 x 3.00 m. grouped together depending on needs of use. The diversity in positioning the gaps, terraces, patios and empty spaces in general seeks to establish internal spatial continuity, by establishing internal relationships between the dwellings and improving the performance and energy efficiency of the buildings. All the homes have double orientation, terraces and inner courtyards. In addition, a filter-storage façade is proposed.

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