Since 1995, 5+1AA has been dealing with design in different thematic and functional declinations (city, living, work spaces, spaces for culture and education).
The research on the requalification of urban spaces and buildings in the main mediterranean cities through projects like the Ice Palace and the Milanese Ice Factory (Milan), the headquarters of the Interior Ministry (Rome), the University Campus (Savona), the Great Railways Workshops (Turin) and the Marseilles Docks. 5+1AA also conducts research on the contemporary city through new implementations like the Horizontal Tower (Milan), the Italian Space Agency building (Rome), the IULM6 university campus (Milan), the residential complex Life (Brescia).
Their projects under construction in 2016 include a residential complex of 183 housing (Asnières-­‐sur-­‐Seine), the new BNP Paribas Headquarters (Rome), the El Sokhna Masterplan (Egypt) and the new Port Authority Headquarters (Savona). The agency just won the construction of a student housing, a hotel and offices in Créteil-­‐l’Echat; the project covers 22.000 sqm and is part of the Grand Paris plan.
5+1AA, Alfonso Femia, Gianluca Peluffo, Simonetta Cenci (partner since 2006), Nicola Spinetto (associate in Paris since 2009), 10 project directors and planning supervisors, 20 project managers, 10 collaborators, a team of 10 people responsible for management and communication.

Main projects:
– Parfiri Low Emission building, Savona, Italy
– Milanese Ice Factory, Milan, Italy
– Blend Tower and Blend Building, Milan, Italy
– San Martino Steelworks, Milan, Italy
– The Horizontal Tower, Milan, Italy
– Italian Space Agency, Rome, Italy
– GLF Towers MSC Cruisers, Genoa, Italy
– Ministry of the Interior headquarters, Rome, Italy
– New Port authority HQ, Savona, Italy
– Marina residence, Cotonou Benin, Africa
– Reconstruction of San Giuliano di Puglia, Italy
– University residences, Savona, Italy
– Contract Lombardy region district, Brescia, Italy
– “Life” – New residential complex, Brescia, Italy
– Masterplan “Il Monte Galala”, El Sokhna, Egypt
– Leisure and retail centre “45° Parallelo”, Turin, Italy
– New Retail Park, Milan, Italy
– Le Officine, Savona, Italy
– Marseilles Docks, France
– University campus and training centre, Savona, Italy
– New school complex, Zugliano, Italy
– IULM6, Milan, Italy
– Toy Museum, Cormano, Italy
– Great Railways Workshops, Turin, Italy
– Library, games room and auditorium, Casarza Ligure, Italy
– Redevelopment of the former Cantore Barracks, Cuneo, Italy

Work in progress:
– Banca d’Italia headquarters, Rome, Italy
– The Sky above Asnières-sur-Seine, Paris, France
– New BNL-BNP Paribas headquarters, Rome, Italy
– New Library in La Spezia, Italy
– Redevelopment of Poste Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris, France
– Masterplan “Il Monte Galala”, El Sokhna, Egypt
– Redevelopment of Paris Poste Brune, Paris, France

Project selected for Archmarathon: Les Docks