The Studios selected by the Jury and by the Organisation will participate with a project completed in the 2014-2015 period and the winners will be awarded at the end of the last day.

There will be 12 prizes, awarded for the following categories:
1. Arts & Culture
2. Education Buildings
3. Religious Buildings
4. Workspaces
5. Hotel & Leisure
6. Private Housing
7. Mixed Tenure Housing & Buildings
8. Retrofitting & Refurbishment
9. Urban Design & Public Spaces
10. Transport
11. Crowd Award

The Speeches will be given by 42 international studios selected by the Jury and each will be requested to report about a specific project considered particularly interesting (Flagship Project) and with which each Studio will participate in the Awards.

At the conclusion of three days of intensive speeches and one-to-one meetings, there will be the ARCHMARATHON AWARDS, the ceremony of the best projects presented during the three days of activities, broken down by categories.