ALPS Villa

Camillo Botticini Architect

Photos courtesy of Niccolò Galeazzi

ALPS Villa

Camillo Botticini ArchitectarchmarathonCamillo Botticini Architect
via saleri 18, 25135 Brescia, Italy
Private housing
Project selected:
ALPS Villa
Brescia, Italy

The house stands on a clearing amidst trees, 700 meters above the sea level, close to the “Passo del Cavallo”, still close to the urban noise but at the same time far away.
The relationship with the ground and the landscape are the material that construct the project: the ground by communicating with the project operates a principle of “rootedness” into the slope to the north, where the house seems to bite the mountain, and the principle of “emancipation” to the south, with an overhang that throws the structure to the valley.
The house has an irregular plan shaped like a “C” with a patio where the fourth side is made from a green plane that delivers the planimetric structure that generates the spaces of the house, creating three bodies with variable height increasing from north-west, where the volume disappears by integrating into the ground.
The house is environmentally friendly in the building materials and insulation, equipped with ventilated walls, a sustainable home in the settlement balance with the landscape. Green meadows and trees framing the outer coating in corrugated oxide copper and Accoya wood, elements that, with the triple room glass, are the artifice in counterpoint that interacts with nature.
The ventilated wall copper is modulated with a slight pleating to vibrate the light on the non-reflecting surface.
The wood of the great splay reflects light that is refracted from the south. The flooring of the patio is made in iroko wood meanwhile the large windows are integrated into the copper coating, real material around which the house is oriented. Inside the floors are made of sand-colored resin, the walls are in plasterboard painted white and ceilings with recessed lights in the graft cut from the slab-wall, parapets are in glass and the windows are made of painted iron.

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