AZPML (Alejandro Zaera-Polo Maider Llaguno Architecture) is an international practice, based in London and New York.
AZPML was born in 2011 as a legacy practice of FOA. AZPML has a commitment to innovation in architecture and urban design, combining technical innovation with design excellence.
AZPML aims to integrate as many stakeholders as possible in the initial stages of the design process, and setting effective feedback during the project. This strategy creates a high degree of support for the project and helps to encourage new insights leading to innovative solutions. To sustain the level of diversity of commissions undertaken, we organise the practice in project-specifi c design teams. We believe that the best value and quality emerge from an intense involvement with the stakeholders of the project, clients, end-users, advisors and contractors.
We proceed through a ruthless analysis of constraints and specifi cities as the primary drivers of each project. Performing with rigor and precision, exploring the possibilities of contemporary architectural technologies, and embracing accountability constitute the core of our operative ethos.
A wide range of supporting skills underpins the work of the practice, including model-making, materials research, specialist computer modelling and visualisation, as well as inhouse communications, photographic and printing systems.
We deliberately maintain a diverse population in the offi ce and subscribe to the Equal Opportunities Act. Our staff is young, energetic, committed, multilingual and multicultural.
This diversity and energy supports the broad vision and eff ectiveness that we curate as our trademark.

Main projects:
– Municipal Theatre and Auditorium, Torrevieja, Spain – 2006-2001
– Spanish Pavilion at EXPO 2005, Aichi, Japan – 2005-2004
– Dulnyouk Publishers, Paju Book City, South Korea – 2005-2000
– Municipal Police Headquarters, La Villajoyosa, Spain – 2004-2001
– South-East Costal Park and Auditoriums, Barcelona, Spain – 2004-2001
– Demonstration Unit, Hutchison 3G UK Limited, UK – 2002-2001
– Yokohama International Port Terminal, Yokohama, Japan – 2002-1996
– Blue Moon Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands – 2001-2000
– Pimlico Loft, London, UK – 1999-1998
– Belgo Restaurant, Bristol, UK – 1999-1998
– Belgo Restaurant, New York, USA – 1999-1998
– Belgo Zuid Restaurant, Ladbroke Grove, London, UK – 1999-1998

Work in progress:
– Birmingham New Street Station, Birmingham, UK
– Haynes House, Castellar de la Frontera, Cadiz
– John Lewis Shopping Centre, Birmingham, UK
– Cerezales Foundation, Leon, Spain
– Palazzo del cinema de Locarno, Locarno, Switzerland

Project selected for Archmarathon: Birmingham New Street Station