Bedaux de Brouwer Architects

“Powerful Architecture with reduction of means”.
Bedaux de Brouwer Architects is an architectural practice with 25 employees and a high-quality portfolio. Over the years, a large number of projects have been recognised with prestigious awards. The work has been published in many countries throughout Europe and beyond.
The practice was founded in 1937 by Jos. Bedaux, when he built his own house. Here he also started his office. Later on, his sons George and Peer Bedaux, together with Jacq. de Brouwer, continued the practice. Nowadays Pieter and Thomas Bedaux have followed up their grandfather. Together with Jacq. de Brouwer and Peter Keijsers they form the head of the architectural practice.
The work has been characterized by a continuous stream of work with a distinct signature and great eye for detail. In former years the work mainly consisted of villas and governmental projects. Today’s work also includes integral interior projects, large scale residential and commercial projects and urban planning.
The work is characterised as timeless modernism, with great care for people and context. The designs are restrained, make clear gestures and have an overall concept. The common denominator of all the different projects is a reduced, clean-cut architecture with a pronounced material palette and sharp detailing.

Main projects:
– Amadeus, The Hague, the Netherlands – 2015
– Brouwhuis, Oisterwijk, the Netherlands – 2015
– Forum Reeshof, Tilburg, the Netherlands – 2015
– AVEC, Tilburg, the Netherlands – 2015
– Voorzieningenhart, Nijmegen, the Netherlands – 2014
– Cultural centre Elckerlyc, Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands – 2014
– Bedaux-Nagengast Residence, Tilburg, the Netherlands – 2013
– Villa Rotonda, Tilburg, the Netherlands – 2010
– Thêta Student Rowing Association Boat Hangar, Eindhoven, the Netherlands – 2004
– Cenakel, Tilburg, the Netherlands – 1998

Work in progress:
– Gasthuispoort, Breda, the Netherlands
– WereDi, Tilburg, the Netherlands
– Strijp R, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
– Vogelensangh, Deest, the Netherlands
– Gasthuiskwartier, ’s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
– Waterrijk, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
– Office building, Etten-Leur, the Netherlands

Project selected for Archmarathon: Houtloods